Friday, May 13, 2016

The United Hebrew School and the Newport Bus Company

What is the connection between the Newport Bus Company and the United Hebrew School? During the 1960s there were discounted tokens for rides to and from public school. It was 10 tokens for $1.25. Many of us were on the Kay Bedlow loop which circumambulated a large chunk of the town. Some of us were determined to use the tokens on the way home from Hebrew School which ended at about 5:15 PM. I beleive Robert Friedman may have taken the lead on this. It was a time when peopl e felt they could make a decision on the spot. We just explained to the bus driver that Hebrew School was school and that we were in fact on the way home from public school, and the matter was settled. Other people who might have been in the group could have been David Thomas and  Bruce L. Dorner. Am I missing anyone? Regarding the bus routes, on the way to High School a few years later, the bus when down Thames St from one end to the other, and I remember counting the barrooms. There were 20 to serve both the locals and the Navy...and that was when bars were bars. Do you remember the names of the other bus routes?

Sequel: Appanrtly Robert Friedman went home and spoke to his mother Chicky about the interaction with the bus driver.  Chicky went to the president of the Newport Bus Company the next day and let him know what she thought.  And we continued to take the bus home from Hebrew School.

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