Friday, May 13, 2016

About David Kleiman

Curator David Kleiman
Ambassador John Loeb wrote a nice memorial to David Kleiman, zl. David and his wife helped with the Loeb visitors center and also training the guides to the synagogue. He had a passion for Jewish Genealogy and for history and many other things. When the Iternational Assosciation of Jewish Genealogical Societies had it's annual convention in Boston in 2013 and I saw that David was speaking, I made it a point to meet him. David was very cordial and we hit it off. At the time he was getting involved with the congregation's archives. He encouraged me to get interested. Newport seemed to me to be a transplanted shtetl; I mentioned that my family and many others in Newport came from the same place. It did not take him long to put this in succinct language, "More than 50% of the Twentieth Century Newport's Jewish community came from Dokshitz." David's interest in history was not limited to colonial America. He understand that today's experiences are tommorow's history. Picture source "Newport Seen"

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